Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

Affordable Garage Door Spring Repair Torsion & Extension.

Garage door spring repair is a specialty garage door repair service requiring training due to the dangerous nature of the job. Our garage door spring repair team had the license and training to repair and replace torsion springs. As a result, we have a perfect safety record. If you live in Malibu and your springs broke, give us a call! We will be there in less than an hour! Our garage door spring repair Malibu squad offers true 24/hour service. Best of no extra charge! 

What Happens When Garage Door Springs Or Cables Break?Garage Door spring Repair

Since your springs and garage door cables support the weight of your garage door, when they break various things can happen depending on the the door’s position at the time...whether or not you have a second. If the spring snaps when the door is up or in motion and you don’t have a second spring, the door will crash down to the ground. For the sake of safety do not try to move or operate the door while it is in this state. Call our garage door repair Malibu team. Let us get to the bottom of it.

Are Garage Door Springs Dangerous?

Garage door springs can be dangerous. They are torsion springs-based. They work under tremendous amounts of pressure. This means when they have improper adjustment or mishandles. They can snap and cause parts to go flying through the air like bullets. Home owners who attempt a DIY project could cause injury. Our garage door spring repair team has gone through extensive training to perform this sensitive job not for the faint of heart. We know how to secure your property, where to stand, what size spring to use, how to adjust them, and which tools to use. Contact Us now. Leave it up to our pros!

24-Hour Garage Door Spring Repair Malibu Services.

24-hour garage door spring repair in Malibu is an important service that homeowners depend on when their springs decide to go bonkers at 1AM.  So, imagine you get home from work on a Friday night, head over to Dukes to have drinks with your friends, and you get home anxious to hit the sheets, but your garage door won’t go up. Upon inspection you see the spring snapped. You don’t want to leave your car out in the open. Call our garage door repair Malibu team. We will replace your springs, lube them, and inspect the other parts of your door to make sure they work. 

Don’t delay getting help. Finally, call our garage door spring repair Malibu professionals today. As a result, we will get the job done with great accuracy and safety. Call us now!