Gate Repair Malibu CA
Gate Repair Malibu CA

Gate Repair Malibu CA & Electric Gate Installation.

Gate repair is a specialty service performed by certified technicians who are trained to repair damaged gates of all kinds. Consequently, this is a service that nobody ever plans for—as a gate can malfunction at any time day or night. This is why our gate repair Malibu team is on call 24/7; so we can respond as soon as customers contact us. The residents of Malibu, CA. love our gate repair company because we...

  • Are certified to work on all types of gates.
  • Respond within 30-60 minutes of all calls.
  • Can install all types of gates and openers.
  • Install and repair intercoms and panels.
  • Drug-test our techs and perform background checks.

When you get home from a weekend in Santa Barbara only to discover your gate is stuck halfway open, you want it repaired immediately and not the following day. For the best service at the lowest price call our gate repair Malibu CA pros and let us secure your property with lightening speed!

What Are The Different Types Of Driveway Gates?

Just as there are many styles of homes, there are as many types of driveway gates to compliment the home’s aesthetics. As a result, our gate repair Malibu CA team has serviced and repaired a wide array of gate types that include:

  • Wrought iron gates.
  • Aluminum gates.
  • Green gates.
  • Steel gates
  • Fiberglass gates.
  • Wood gates.
  • Custom gates.

Our gate repair Malibu CA crew can repair the tracks, wheels, gate openers, panel, and all the other working parts that facilitate your gate’s operation. In addition, we work with the following top brands: Door King, Elite, Linear, Liftmaster, among many others.

Gate Installation Malibu Services.

If you are researching the different types of driveway gates on the market you may feel overwhelmed with the information out there, and all the esoteric lingo surrounding it. Our gate repair Malibu CA team sells the highest quality gates from every manufacturer, and we even offer and install electric gates. Want a brass gate with your initials in the middle? What about a large custom steel gate to match the industrial modern aesthetics of your home? Our gate repair Malibu CA specialists have installed many gate types. 

As for the type of gate you get, there are five main types that include:

  • Slide gates.
  • Swing gates.
  • Vertical pivot gates.
  • Barrier gates.
  • Vertical lift gates.

Each one of these gate types requires different installation strategies, tools, and maintenance needs. They also function differently, and require various spaces. Therefore, be sure to discuss your options with our gate installation Malibu experts and we will install the perfect gate to secure and compliment your property.

24-Hour Gate Repair Service in Malibu, CA.

24-hour gate repair is a vital service that Malibu CA residents rely one when disaster happens during odd hours. Imagine it is late and you get a hankering for some fresh halibut so you head out to the Reel Inn. After dibber you get home around 11PM and, low and behold, your gate came off track and the opener is making a strange noise. Contact our gate and garage door repair Malibu CA team and we will inspect the gate, make repairs, and then give it one final inspection to make sure all parts are in tip-top shape.